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Frequently asked questions

What is the maximum size of a photo that I can upload?
The maximum size is about 6 MB.
Yes, we automatically resize a photo to 1024x768 pixels.
Can I enlarge a photo on your site?
Yes you can, but we have to scale the photo and the end result does not look very good (blurry).
What happens with my photo after upload?
We temporarily store your photo on our server. After an hour that photo is automatically deleted. If you want to keep your photo you need to save it back to your computer or use the save online option.
I saved my photo online, where did it go?
Immediately after saving a photo we will give you a URL (address) of the photo. You need to keep or use that URL. If you did not save that URL, we will temporarily show the last 4 saved images if you click save. If the photo is not there anymore, we cannot locate it for you.
Where do you save the online photos?
We store the online saved photo on This site is specialized in hosting online media.
I do not want my photo anywhere accessible, what can I do?
If you do not want have your photo accessible online, make sure you do not use any of the following 2 actions. Do not use the save online feature and do not share your photo on social media!
I want to erase a person on a photo, do you have the option?
No, we do offer this option.
I want to combine 2 photos, is that possible on your site?
No, we do not offer this option, but you can use our photo collage site: